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When I was growing up, my mother use to take a million pictures and I never understood why until I got older. I have tons of rubbermaid tubs full of 35mm prints and I look through them all the time! I started to get a love for taking pictures right after high school and it became a passion after I had my daughter. I started having people tell me they thought my pictures were so good and that they wanted me to take their pictures. I never believed in myself when people started to ask me, but realized I would grow more and more. I did it for free for about 2 years because it wasn’t something full time. Finally, in 2008 I started charging a small fee and was doing great…I had a steady clientele and was booked all the time.

In 2014, I decided to go to Oklahoma City to do a mentor session with the amazing Amanda Lassiter Photography. I have since then bought some online videos from the awesome Jake Olson Studios and have found my new brand. I love the fall tones in my portraits! This is the coloration I use year around. I recently have bought many online classes from the cool Meg Bitton. I have learned so much on editing!

I took a break starting November 2015, but was back up and going in March 2017. I have recently decided to no longer book clients starting 2018. I am starting to do photography for myself and also pet photography. I want to not lose my passion for photography and that’s why I decided to stop doing portraits for clients.

OH! I will be selling Sky Overlays on Etsy so be ready for those in late 2017!


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