The beginning of my journey…


I have always loved pictures and I got that from my mother….she was a picture freak! I have SEVERAL rubbermaid tubs full of 35mm pictures from way before I was born to now. I picked up the point & shoot camera quite often throughout my school years. Of course, I started with a Nikon N55 for my first camera with interchangeable lenses. So let’s start there in the ancient days lol…

I had a film camera in 2005, even though digital was already out. I was just too scared to use the digital ones because 1)they were somewhat still “new” and 2) I didn’t know a darn thing about them. The downfalls of film is that you don’t know how the pictures will turn out until you see them developed unless you are an expert, you had one chance at weddings (eek! scary) and that you had to send them off for print/disc or just go all out and produce them yourself. Too much work for me, even though it’s interesting, but I let the local labs do the work.

It wasn’t until 2008ish that I bought my first DSLR. I borrowed my cousin’s Sony A200 and decided to purchase it with some extra lens for $499 plus tax. It did the basic job for 5-6 years and then I switched to the new Sony A57. This $1k purchase was just with the basic kit lens, but I thought I had to have it because it had a translucent mirror and shot 12 frames per second….yeah, well, don’t let that all fool you either! After paying all that, having as much Sony equipment I had, it decided to lock up on me after a year. I called Sony and they didn’t care which brings me BACK to Nikon. Yep! I had to buy the Nikon lenses I used to have AGAIN because I got rid of them due to changing brands.

In 2013, my friend and fellow photographer was selling her Nikon D5100 because she upgraded to a Nikon D7100, so I bought it. I used that camera so much and loved it! I bought a Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens to go with it and one thing I will tell you, that lens was and still is my favorite lens that I have. The low light capacity, the bokeh and the crispness….ahhhhh. I did get it at a steal at Fort Worth Camera because it was brought back with no box AND someone mis-marked the price tag. Yep, the low price of $165! They normally run $250+ from what I researched.

Just a little over a year ago, I purchased a Nikon D600 and will say that this camera is AMAZEBALLS. So much to it, but geez, there’s so much I love about it….I would eventually live to get the Nikon D810 but that’s not a necessity right now. The lens I would die over is the Nikon 200mm f2, but it’s a little over my budget…$5k+. You can faint now too.

Until next time!

(this post is not to say anything bad about any product or what you should buy…just my experience, etc.)


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