10 Things to learn as a Photographer

  1. Lenses. Learn what all the numbers mean on the lens and try some out (f2.8, 50mm, etc). The lower the fstop, the better the clarity and bokeh.
  2. Manual. Shooting in Manual will completely change your game. Google what camera you have and how to shoot in M. You control the whole camera. ISO, Ftop, Color balance, etc.
  3. RAW. This will allow the camera to just take the picture with no adjustments. If you shoot in Jpeg, it will adjust it so much. You have more control in editing in RAW.
  4. White Balance. I shoot in Kelvin. You can give it as much warmth or coolness as you want. You can stick to Auto if you want and adjust it in post.
  5. Lighting. I shoot outdoors so the early morning or late evening, but in certain situations, I will shoot full sun.
  6. Style/Brand. What do you want your photos to look like? Natural colors, airy, vintage, warmer? Figure out what speaks to you and what you want to represent your photography.
  7. Off Camera Flash. This isn’t really a must, but it will help in many ways to grow your business…especially for weddings.
  8. Clientele. What type of clients do you want? The ones who needs a super affordable session or the ones that will pay what your worth and value your work? Figure out what you need to make as income after all the taxes, etc are taken out to figure out what you want to make a year. If it’s a hobby, then do what you want however you want lol.
  9. The Business Side. Besides the photographer…you are the CEO, the admin, the everything. You need to look into the copyrights, taxes, etc. Best information will come from a lawyer.
  10. Type of Specialization. What do you want to specialize in? Newborn, Maternity, Children, Seniors, Weddings??? When you are new, you want to explore your options to see what you excel at and what you have the passion for. Take that and run with it! Don’t do something you really don’t want to do…

Hope this helps in rowing your business in the great world of photography!


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